W.S. Living – A New Adventure for Our Wicks Studio Family

Welcome to the new Wicks Studio official Blog.

Since we always get a lot of questions about the uses of essentials oils, their benefits, and how we integrate and blend these to create our unique product lines, we thought this blog would be of great use to everyone who already loves essentials oils, or is interested in starting to use them for the first time.

Our mission has always been to promote a healthy lifestyle using the resource of our Mother Earth properly. We strive to never use synthetic or harmful ingredients. Our products are made with you and your family in mind.

W. S. Living Blog

W. S. Living is made up of customer testimonials, known benefits of essential oils, and application processes and treatments that best harness the power of essential oils. Our Master Scenters have learned a lot over years of blending and making E.O. products, and we are always looking for ways to share that knowledge with you.

Comments and Feedback

We encourage you to share your feedback and knowledge to our Facebook Page. You can also email us at Dave@WicksStudio.com to get in touch with Master Scenter and Co-Owner, Dave Clark.  Wife and Co-Owner Loree is always a message away through our Facebook page as well.

Thanks for always being a part of our Journey, and for helping us to continue to promote a healthy lifestyle.



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