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Dryer Balls


100% Organic Wool

Reduces Static Electricity

Reduces Wrinkles

Saves Dry Time

EAN: 723641974713 SKU: 6001-3PK Categories: , ,
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Mane Renew – Twilight In The Woods 4oz


Twilight In The Woods

Mane Renew

Leave-In Hair Conditioning Oil that won’t weigh your hair down or feel greasy and oily.

Renews your hair to give you the Silky Soft Shine you’ve always wanted!

EAN: 723641975390 SKU: 8202-027 Categories: , , , , ,
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Shave Lotion – Hello Handsome


Hello Handsome


An easy to apply Shaving Lotion that moisturizes as it helps your razor glide over your skin would solve that problem. If it also rinses off both skin and razor easily while leaving your skin baby smooth it would be a game changer.

Ladies, we aren’t gonna let the guys have ALL the fun!

A Shaving Lotion this good for your face can’t help but be amazing for your legs, underarms and other “sensitive” spots. Use it in the shower to simplify your morning routine and your moisturized, smooth and supple legs will thank you!

EAN: 723641963601 SKU: 8402-001 Categories: , , , , ,
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Refresh Spray For Cats


Spray for Cats

ReFresh for Cats

All Natural Botanical Blend

Deodorizes & Conditions

Natural Scent based Flea & Tick Repellent

EAN: 723641972016 SKU: 6602-CT4 Category:
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Walnut Body Scrub – Nude



This all-over body scrub is cream based and ideal for dry and sensitive skin

EAN: 723641975888 SKU: 7920-105 Categories: , , , , ,
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Glycolic Face Wash


Glycolic Face Wash

Glycolic AcidGlycolic Acid, a member of the AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), instantly brightens your complexion by exfoliating skin using natural chemistry which transforms your outer dead skin cell layer to provide a radiant luster.

EAN: 723641975901 SKU: 8020-105 Categories: , , , , , , ,
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Status Candle – Verbena Bamboo 12oz


Verbena Bamboo

12oz Status – Footed Glass container with matching glass lid and “Soft Cracklin Natural Wood Wick

Burn Time:

Up to 55 –  70 hours

EAN: 723641969108 SKU: 9602-048 Categories: , , , , ,
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Mane Condition – Southern Sass 8oz


Southern Sass

Our Reconstructive Conditioner Base is a must for maintaining healthy hair. This base boasts a unique formula that adds shine and body to all hair types. It works well with dry hair, helping repair problem areas. It does not create buildup on your hair and plus, it’s a great detangler.

EAN: 723641964448 SKU: 7821-079 Categories: , , , , ,
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Fractionated Coconut Oil 100ml


Fractionated Coconut Oil is just that; a fraction of the Coconut Oil molecule containing only the medium chain triglycerides (also known as MCT) which make it extremely stable and also prevent solidification of the oil.

EAN: 723641971217 SKU: 7502-FCO100 Category:
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Beard Oil – Hello Handsome


Hello Handsome

Beard Oil

It’s all about the oils.

The five oil blend our lab formulated is lightweight, not greasy, and glides on easily with no residue buildup. Beards are left smooth, lustrous, and manageable; your skin is moisturized and conditioned.

EAN: 723641963311 SKU: 8401-001 Categories: , , , , ,
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Fragrance Oil – Woodland Strawberry 1oz


Woodland Strawberry

Fragrance Oil

EAN: 723641964905 SKU: 8701-041 Categories: , , , , , ,
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