Why Skeeter Retreater Is The Best Mosquito Repellant

Happy Summer!

If you hadn’t noticed, summer has landed squarely on us like a slap in the face. If you really hadn’t noticed, you should consider going outside. At the very least, look out a window. One of the things we can still do during our country’s current situation is go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Summer is my favorite season and, even with the extreme heat, I look forward to it every year. I burn terribly easy, so I tend to spend a lot of time outside later in the day. The problem with that is the mosquitoes that come along with the warmer temperatures later in the day and into the evening. Those little buggers LOVE me. Well, they did.

I found a product that keeps them away from me, is all-natural and non-toxic, and works for hours as long as I don’t wash it off. Skeeter Retreater is the name of this product and I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve used it on myself, my husband, my elderly father-in-law, my grand-babies, and even my dog. I can get it lotion or spray form in convenient sizes. I travel with it and keep some at home so I can share it with others that need it.

Benefits Of Skeeter Retreater

skeeter retreater lotion 8ozDo you have a friend that seems to never suffer with mosquito bites? Well, that’s not unusual, but it is uncommon. Mosquitoes are still biting, but that friend my not be allergic like most of us are. See, when the mosquito inserts it’s proboscis into your skin (that’s the long nose on the front of the mosquito that “bites you) a blood thinner is also injected from the mosquito into your blood to make it easier for the mosquito to feed. Most of the population is allergic to that blood thinner. That’s what makes the raised bump on our skin that itches like crazy. Just because you don’t have any visible mosquito bites doesn’t mean you aren’t getting bit. Because of the diseases that mosquitoes can transmit, it’s always a good idea to use mosquito repellent.

Now, let’s talk about the scent for a minute. I’ve had people say they dislike using mosquito repellent because of the strong chemical odor. That’s not a problem with Skeeter Retreater. It has a four fragrance blended formula that is very pleasant because of it’s all-natural ingredients. There were no harmful or toxic chemicals used to make this marvelous product. It contains ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber, marigold, comfrey and citronella.

The cucumber improves circulation while the chamomile soothes dry skin and other skin irritations. The marigold provides anti-allergenic qualities and the comfrey promotes the growth of new skin cells and is also a soothing agent. All of this plus the mosquito repelling action of citronella will help keep your skin healthy and free of irritating bites.

Still skeptical? Don’t be. Pick up a bottle of Skeeter Retreater, in either the spray or the lotion and give it a try. Want to amp up your protection? Get a Skeeter Retreater candle or melts and use them during your next outdoor activity.

Enjoy your summer!

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