Gift Basket Instead of Flowers

Wicks Studio recieved a message last week from a customer who wanted to send her neice a gift basket. She explained that her niece who was in her 30’s was engaged to be married to a wonderful man and he had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. She wanted to express her jester of sentements with a gift basket instead of flowers and asked if we could put something together and send it off.

Dave Clark, CEO and Owner of Wicks Studio

CEO and owner of Wicks Studio, Dave Clark was touched by the idea of sending our products to comfort her niece instead of flowers and right way needed additional details about her neice. After a few message exchanges, Dave had enough information to put together what he thought would be the perfect gift set to send comfort to our dear customers neice. His selection of items included our Bath & Shower Gel, Mane Wash & Mane Conditioner in a fragrance he thought would comfort and pamper in one of lifes most stressful times. Below is a picture our customer sent to us that her neice had taken. What a surprise it was for her to receive such a sweet jesture and what a pleasure it was for us to send it.

Thank you to our customers,
Lana Jones
CAO Chief Administrative Officer
Visual Merchandising at Wicks Studio