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Hi guys! Today I would like to introduce you to some amazing products from Wicks Studio. As most women know, it can be very hard to find good bath and body products that actually work, but here at Wicks Studio there’s no issues at all. Today’s top products I’ll be discussing will be the Mane Wash, Mane Condition, Mane Renew, and Bath and Shower gel. So get ready to sit back, relax and read this wonderful article on a few products from Wicks Studios.

Nag Champa Mane Wash and Condition

mane condition hair nag champa 8ozI know the name of this product can leave you wondering what it is used for but to be completely blunt the Mane Wash is just your everyday Shampoo made here at Wicks Studio. I have extremely thick hair and sometimes it can be really hard for me to find a good shampoo that won’t destroy my ends or strip away my natural oils. Until I discovered the Mane Wash, I had never used such an amazing shampoo in my entire life. Within just a few days, you could see big changes with my hair. The Mane Wash is paraben and sulfate free. The feel of my hair and the scent I chose made my hair smell fantastic. From now on, I know where I’ll be buying my shampoo from.

Now that I told you what the Mane Wash was for, what do you think the Mane Condition is for? Yep, that’s right the Mane Condition here at Wicks is just your everyday conditioner. The Mane Wash and Condition have an exotic, sultry spicy blend of aromas. It takes a very small amount of conditioner to leave your hair feeling so soft and silky smooth. You’ll be blown away at the results of your hair. Our conditioner is paraben and sulfate free. When I first started using the Mane Condition it immediately started working. I let my hair air dry and once it was fully dry my hair looked brand new. My split ends were practically invisible, my hair was super shiny and soft and it leaves an amazing smell that lasts all day.

Bath & Shower Gel

The Bath and Shower Gel is our version of a body wash. When I first started using the Nag Champa Bath and Shower Gel I could easily see the differences it had made for my skin. The wash is paraben and sulfate free and it also contains aloe vera leaf juice, natural witch hazel and chamomile flower extracts. I’m not sure if many of you know this but some body washes can actually be really damaging to the skin. It can sometimes cause mild rashes or hives and there have even been instances where people have said their skin was “burned” from certain types of body washes but the bath and shower gel does the complete opposite. It nourishes the skin and leaves your whole body feeling super soft. If you want a trustworthy product that smells great and actually works then the Wicks Studio Bath and Shower Gel is right for you.

Still Reading?

Now in conclusion, in addition to the three products we mentioned we also have one more really great product to talk about..the Mane Renew. It is basically a leave-in conditioner for your hair. This can be sprayed on wet or dry hair and can be applied before or after styling your hair and can also be used with other hair styling products. I usually use the Mane Renew right when I get out of the shower. I usually towel dry my hair a bit and then I add just a few sprays of the Mane Renew and call it good. Another awesome thing about this product is that it will rejuvenate shine and nourish your hair. With all of these amazing products you can have your hair and body feeling super smooth and brand new.

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