Creamy Milk Face Wash That Makes You Look Younger

Best To Take Care Of Your Skin

Skin care is a big deal. Your skin is one of the first things noticed about you when you first meet someone. If you’re over 30 and you haven’t begun taking care of your skin, you’re in for a rude awakening in a few years unless you so something about it now. Wicks Studio has a fantastic line of skincare products that are all natural and create fantastic results. Today I’m going to talk about Wicks’ Creamy Milk Face Wash. A good skin care regime starts with a great cleanser.

Over two thousand years ago, Cleopatra filled her elegant tub with milk to maintain her famously supple skin. I’m not suggesting we do the same, but Wicks Studio has developed a face cleanser that utilizes all of the best properties of milk. Today, the multiple benefits of milk-based skin care products are being revisited as more people seek alternative solutions to their health and beauty needs.

How Milk Improves The Skin

creamy milk face washMilk nourishes and cleanses the skin down to its deepest layers. Milk is incredibly beneficial for the skin in many different ways. Its various ingredients serve a multitude of skin-improving purposes. Milk works wonders for the skin beginning with the alpha hydroxy acid it naturally contains. We know it more commonly as lactic acid and it acts as a gentle cleanser for skin and is a good source of vitamins A and D which nourishes the complexion. Another naturally occurring acid in milk is a beta hydroxy acid which acts as an excellent skin exfoliant. Basically milk doesn’t just clean, but it also nourishes and exfoliates the skin.

Milk also contains proteins, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants, all incredibly valuable for our skin. The proteins in milk are skin-enhancing since they promote smoothness and help to strengthen skin structure. Milk enzymes and amino acids are responsible for stimulating the skin’s natural moisture barrier, making way for intense hydration and skin cell regeneration. Finally, milk’s antioxidants are great for combating environmental damage and provide future protection from further damage.

Reason To Be Loyal To Our Creamy Milk Face Wash

Besides the milk, other beneficial ingredients in the Creamy Milk Face Wash include Aloe Leaf Extract which improves the skin’s ability to hydrate itself and aids in the removal of dead skin cells and helps to protect and rebuild your skin. Next is Chamomile Flower Extract. Chamomile soothes dry skin and promotes the healing of skin irritations, sunburn, rash, minor cuts, scrapes and sunburns. And, of course, Witch Hazel which is a natural tonic for balancing skin’s moisture without drying the skin.

And best of all, the Creamy Milk Face Wash is natural and paraben free. I have been using this product alongside other Wicks Studio skin products for a solid 6 months now and I’ll never use any other brand. My skin feels clean, soft, and supple after use. That’s saying a lot for a middle aged woman. Like most people, that old devil vanity is enough to keep me loyal to this brand.

Another reason I’m so loyal to this brand is because it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals. Environmental damage to our skin also has to do with what we put on our faces and in our bodies. Makeup, atmosphere, wind and sun, are all damaging to our skin. Our skin is nourished from inside with healthy eating, but we have to protect it from outside factors as well. Why add more damaging elements using other brands of skin care when there are natural products like Wicks Studio that actually work? That’s an easy solution as far as I’m concerned.

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