Awe-Inspiring Benefits of Our Hand And Body Lotion

The Miracle In A Bottle

Wick’s Studio’s Hand and Body Lotion is a miracle in a bottle for my skin! Lately, especially after reaching my 30’s and having a whole slew of new health issues popping up, I have been more conscious of what I put into my body and I am sooo happy to have found this lotion.  Many chemicals in skin care products we use daily have chemicals like parabens which are used as a preservative in skin care products. Before my health declined, I didn’t pay too much attention to the chemicals being absorbed by my skin.

This Hand and Body Lotion is paraben-free and uses Vitamin E as a natural preservative and Marigold Flower Extract which acts as a natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergenic. Why use a chemical when a beautiful flower can provide the proper preservation of a product while providing the product with additional benefits?

Another ingredient found in the Hand and Body Lotion is Aloe Vera Leaf extract. The use of Aloe Vera Leaf extract is for the purpose of rebuilding the skin, removing the dead skin cells and hydration. If you have tried this product, you would know that it works very well in healing peeling, sunburned skin.

What The Hand And Body Lotion Did For My Sunburn

I distinctly remember the worst sunburn I have had in my life healing in 2 days, thanks to a few applications of the Hand and Body Lotion. My skin had started to crack and peel, revealing new pink skin underneath… I looked like a giraffe! Tired of peeling sheets of dead skin off my body, I used my favorite scented Nag Champa Hand and Body Lotion every morning after my shower and every evening before bed. My skin stopped peeling and the dry edges of my sun burnt skin turned into healthy skin. Dry skin due to sunburn is very itchy but when the skin becomes hydrated and the Aloe Vera starts to rebuild the skin, that itch goes away!

Another wonderful ingredient found in this lotion is Cucumber Fruit Extract, which aids in toning and cleansing while improving the surface circulation of the skin. This aided in reviving my pink skin into my natural tan color. Also, I would like to point out, the back of my thighs were riddled with stretch marks and cellulite. As we age, this starts happening to all of us…. even me! Well, not when using the Hand and Body Lotion. Thanks to the Cucumber Fruit Extract, my cellulite and stretch marks have faded. That alone has made me a much more confident woman!

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Chamomile And Comfrey Plant Extract

We all enjoy drinking Chamomile tea and most of us have had to take a Chamomile bath as children who played in the wrong plants or got the chicken pox. Chamomile soothes dry skin (another anti itching agent) and promotes the healing of various skin irritations, like sun burns, rashes, minor cuts, scrapes and other burns. Another great reason for you to use the hand and body lotion.

The gains continues with the next ingredient, Comfrey Plant Extract. I had never heard of this outside of fictional books and movies so I decided to look it up! What I found out is that this ingredient is a cell proliferant. Comfrey Plant Extract has allantoin which is known as a powerful soothing agent that will help promote the growth of new skin cells. This ingredient must have been partly responsible for the baby softness of my skin and the relief from the sunburn that I felt the instant my Wick’s Studio Hand and Body Lotion hit my skin. Lastly, no good lotion is complete without adding Vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are vital for producing skin that looks and feels healthy. The Hand and Body Lotion of course contains these essential vitamins!

Vegan Friendly Product

All in all, Wick’s Studio’s formula is hands down the best on the market at the most affordable price! Even the container is of pharmaceutical grade and shipped right here in the USA! I feel great about using this product because I can support a local all American business who supports other American businesses all while taking immaculate care of my skin. Plus, it is also vegan friendly so you can be confident in knowing that you are not using a product containing animal products.

The less chemicals I have allowed my skin to absorb, the better I have felt health wise! I cannot celebrate this lotion enough as it has answered all of my needs and then some! I am very impressed by the quality of the lotion and the scent (Nag Champa) which smells woodsy and is not too fragrant to tickle my nose or give me a headache! The list of sensational features behind this lotion goes on for days! I guess you will just have to try some for yourself to embrace all the joys of using Wick’s Studio’s Hand and Body Lotion!

Jennifer Cintron

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