Press Release

Apr 15, 2016


Ingram, TX April 15, 2016 – WICKS STUDIO today announced that it has entered into an Exclusive Agreement with YOUR ACTUALIZED VISIONS AND ITS PRIVATE CORPORATE LABELING OF PROMOTIONAL CANDLES under which Wicks Studio has granted YAV ADVERTISING AGENCY the exclusive license to market and sell the Company's Entire Product Line with private label corporate logos for each of YAV clients, as well as, an extended value added service to be offered and sold online.

Wicks Studio is a Hand Crafted Soy Candle Company based in Ingram, Texas. They manufacture 100% Soy Candles, Melts, MelTins, Room Sprays, Body Sprays, Fragrance Oils, Bath Oils and Dry Oil Body Sprays. They currently operate 3 company locations and have 7 Authorized Retailers in Texas, Pennsylvania and Utah. Their brands include Wicks Studio, Body Esscents, MelTins, Esscents Studio, and Studio Scents. Collectively they offer 5 brands, 92 fragrances, 11 product lines and 22 sizes. Several more products are in development as well as fragrances to choose from.

In announcing the exclusive territory, Dave Clark, Wicks Studio Founder, provided details of the agreement: "The private label products have been granted out of our existing online catalog. Granting this new Exclusive Private Corporate Label to YAV allows us to expand our sales management team to take care of the unprecedented demand we've seen for our products over the past few months, much of which has come from our local areas. This year, Wicks Studio will see an annual double-digit increase in sales." Clark added that the company felt that granting the Exclusive Private Label Products Sales was critical "to maintain the level of hands-on sales and service that our Authorized Retailers and Customers alike have come to expect from our Wicks Studio team."

Jeri Wilson heads up the operation for Your Actualized Visions and was the key deciding factor in Wicks Studio entering into this agreement. Jeri is owner of Your Actualized Visions advertising agency in Gardena California. She has been in advertising for the last 10 years, and has a great client base of small to medium sized businesses across the United States. Promotional Products are a huge part of advertising, and allowing Jeri to represent our products to business owners with new and exciting opportunities - to say thank you, while giving a unique and personal gift with their logos on it, not only helps these businesses, but further promotes them as well. Jeri’s clients will now have the ability to capture their customer’s attention with the sense of smell, an emotional trigger, related to their products and services. 

Commenting on granting the exclusive territory, Mr. Clark stated “Jeri Wilson brings an experience hands-on knowledge of advertising and promotion business savvy to the table, targeted at small to medium sized businesses. She has a dedicated history of placing her client’s needs first, consistently thinking outside the box on how to promote her clients and combining one business owner with another so each business is cross-promoted and wins!  I know Jeri and her company will sell and promote our products with Integrity, it’s who she is at the core. Listen, I’ve been solicited by the big boys, the so called know-it-alls and the want-to-bee’s that want to turn dollars - for the sake of a turning a dollar. Wicks Studio is a Hand Crafted Products Company – It will be sold with the same pride and integrity in which it was made! I truly believe Jeri shares that vision.”

Wicks Studio has chosen to take the direction of granting Exclusive Agreements & Authorized Retailer Territories to give their retailers the support they need, as if it was their own location. They have structured exclusive territories primarily by zip code and have programs in place allowing retailers to build inventory over time. They don’t want to flood the market and be on every retailer’s shelf, as they are not a discount store product by any means. Wicks Studio wants to be on select retailers’ shelves allowing them to have exclusivity in their market, which will assist in the retailer’s profitability, while selling their quality hand crafted products.